The Effect of Language on Economic Behavior

Does your language influence if you’re a saver or spender?

This surprising thesis is presented by M. Keith Chen at Yale University.

I guess this sounds pretty weird 😀 Frankly I’m not so convinced myself. Well, there is science and a lot of thinking behind the theory. Read and judge for yourself. 56 pages of science lingo 😮

Apparently I’m living in one of the cultures with weak future-time reference which makes me a frugal saver. On the other hand my use of the future oriented English language may have nudged me into the spending zone. Something the local providers of Caffee Latte benefit immensely from 😀

Meanwhile maybe I should be happy that I’m not Finnish or Estonian. According to the paper they have no future at all 😉 At least not in the  future-time reference sense. No wonder they worry a lot. Mure, mure 🙂


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